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Repairing Bodies, Rebuilding Lives:  Reconstructive Surgery in Uganda

SAWW is currently seeking donations to help supply an appropriate anaesthesia machine for a new centre of excellence for reconstructive surgery in Uganda. Reconstructive surgery, is needed to treat burns, birth defects, cancer and injuries, but is rarely available or affordable in Uganda. The resulting deaths, disfigurement, disability and devastating scars, both physical and emotional, ruins lives.


A new surgical centre has been built in Jinja, a large town in east Uganda, primarily by the charity ANDO Modular Aid. It will be a centre of excellence for surgery and a referral centre for occupational accidents, providing state-of-the-art reconstructive surgery. It will also serve as a training centre for medical staff.


The clinic is now being equipped and Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide (SAWW) has been asked to secure a suitable anaesthesia machine, as this is our area of expertise. SAWW only provides appropriate anaesthetic equipment that is safe, effective, and inexpensive to use in any situation.


We will supply an anaesthetic machine designed to operate reliably in low-resource hospitals. It has unique features that ensure it will keep working during a power cut or should oxygen supplies fail. It is simple and robust, easy to maintain and can be serviced using local technicians. It is versatile and includes a ventilator and oxygen concentrator that can be used in intensive care. It will provide affordable anaesthesia for 5 to 10 years.


Half of the funds for the new anaesthesia machine have already been secured and we are now looking to raise a further £8,685 to supply the anaesthesia machine and a patient monitor. Any contribution towards this total would be greatly appreciated, as every penny counts.  Please consider donating today using the link below.


From the start, Jinja Clinic will be run by local staff who will undertake minor operations. The charity Interplast will use the clinic for surgical missions to conduct complex reconstructive surgical procedures and training. Interpast carry out around 100 surgeries per mission and they aim to conduct 500 – 600 surgical cases each year at the new Jinja Clinic.


Visiting doctors will teach local staff surgical techniques, and will also train nursing staff, anaesthetists, occupational therapists, and others, in aftercare and management skills. It is anticipated that hundreds of healthcare workers from across Uganda and other countries will receive training at the centre, leading to nationwide improvements. Indirectly, patients' families will benefit too, especially if they are dependents.


A future stage of development is also planned that will expand the clinic building to include a second operating theatre, further wards, a pharmacy and conference spaces.


Jinja Clinic will be a major contribution to the development of surgical and anaesthetic care in Uganda. Please help if you are able to by making a donation today. Thank you.

PLEASE CLICK TO DONATE Cleft lip and palate Noma ganegerous infection Ghana Ando project trainingedit

Reconstructive surgery can repair congenital conditions such as cleft lip and palate

Noma is a destructive form of gangare that destroys the jaw, mouth, nose, and eyes that predominantly affects children. Reconstructive surgery is needed to treat the condition and correct deformities.

Jinja Clinic will become a centre for training medical staff, in surgery, anaesthesia, nursing, occupational tehrapy, aftecare and management.