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The Challenge

Just imagine...

• Your child is knocked down by a car and needs emergency surgery - but there is no anaesthesia.


• Only a caesarean section can save the life your baby – but there is no anaesthesia.


• A painful tumour threatens your life and you need surgical treatment – but there is no anaesthesia.

Hospitals in poor countries are often inadequately equipped, over-crowded and under-resourced. There may be no anaesthetic machine, or if present it may be old and unsafe. If there is a power supply it will be at best unreliable. Drugs and medical gases such as oxygen will be scarce and can run out. In addition, there is a desperate lack of trained staff.


Without anaesthesia, essential surgery to treat many life-threatening conditions cannot take place. As a result, thousands of people suffer or die unnecessarily due to traumas from road traffic accidents, untreated hernias, disabling wounds, animal bites, burns form open cooking fires, infections, congenital deformities such as club foot or cleft palate, and complications in pregnancy and labour.


In poor countries giving birth is still very dangerous and in some countries a woman’s lifetime risk of dying in childbirth is as high one in eleven. Millions of mothers and newborns die due to complications during childbirth, whose lives could be saved Caesarean sections if safe anaesthesia were available.


Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide aims to tackle these problems by providing vital anaesthetic equipment and training to those in need. We cannot do this without your help, so please visit our Support page.

Around 5 billion people worldwide lack access to surgical and anaesthetic care, mainly in the developing world.