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News - Somaliland success

January 2017

A young anaesthetist working at Gargaar Hospital, Hargeisa is looking forward to working with brand new equipment donated by SAWW.  Mohamed Abdi Abdiladhi recently attended the first Safe Anaesthesia for Somaliland conference, or SANSOM, that had been organized by partners from the UK, USA, Kenya and Australia.


More than 30 anaesthesia providers from across Somaliland converged on the Edna Adan University Hospital in Hargeisa for a rare opportunity to participate in a 3-day refresher course in safe anaesthesia. The course was run by Dr Mark Newton and his colleagues from Kijabe Hospital, Kenya, and with local trainers at the Edna Adan University Hospital.


Many of those attending the course had been selected by the Somaliland Ministry of Health to receive special kits of anaesthesia equipment to take back with them to their hospitals after the training. SAWW donated 10 Lifebox pulse oximeters for distribution to those on the course and a complete anaesthesia kit to one lucky recipient.


The anaesthesia kits contained equipment needed to deliver safe anaesthesia in remote and poorly resourced hospitals and included a portable anaesthesia machine, two oxygen concentrators, Lifebox pulse oximeter and other items. Recipients were given instruction on how to use and care for their new equipment during the training course in Hargeisa.


SAWW’s contribution to this project was made possible thanks to a generous donation from Maidstone Lions, as well as many additional donations from our loyal supporters. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project.


A further 7 hospitals in Somaliland have been identified who are in great need of basic anaesthesia equipment. If you would like to help, please consider making a donation now or begin your fundraising effort today.  

Mohomed 2 IMG_5865


Mohamed Abdi Abdiladhi proudly displaying the new anaesthesia kit he received on completing  training.


Mohamed is utterly committed to his profession: "I will practise anaesthesia until I retire - or until I die." he told us.