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Organising a successful sale or event


There are hundreds of different ways to raise money by organising your own event. Many events can be translated into virtual online events with a little imagination, to conform with social distancing regulations..


A few virtual event ideas...


  • Have a bake-off challenge event; get your friends, family and colleagues to bake and share the results of your labours on social media. People can vote for their favourites by donating or give money to take part!

  • Hold a virtual coffee morning with your friends and family! Catch up over a cup of tea or coffee.

  • Crazy Challenges. Set some crazy (but safe) challenges that entrants must carry out and post film or photo evidence. For example, reinvent a famous painting; pull a funny face; recreate an old photo; impersonate a  celebrity; etc. Best entry wins a small prize or points. Pay to enter.



  • Clear out your unwanted clutter and sell your unwanted items online to raise funds for SAWW.

  • Online auction. There are various sites where you can set up an online auction for charity.

  • Be creative. If you can craft, draw, knit, sew, paint or do anything creative, you could sell your handicrafts online and donate a percentage to SAWW.



  • Hold a virtual talent show and sell tickets.

  • Throw a musical night or concert for friends, who can donate to watch.

  • Host a Games Night with friends paying to join in and play.

  • Hold a quiz night and charge teams to take part.

  • Virtual cheese and wine party. Rate and review your favourites.


Remember to let us know about your event and please take pictures or a video and post to social media.



Fundraising sale or event

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Contact us at: Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide

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5 billion people worldwide have no access to emergency or surgical care. As a result, many people suffer and die because they do not recieve the treament they need. For example, road traffic injuries are the second highest cause of disability and premature death worldwide in men aged 15-44 years. More than 90% of injury deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.


Raising funds for Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide will enable the supply of appropriate anaesthesia and training to those in need, so that emergency operations can take place. Thank you.