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News - Helping Nepal Earthquake Victims

April 2015


In April and May 2015  devestating earthquakes hit Nepal's capital Kathmandu and its surrounding areas. Thousands of people were killed and many more injured.


Many of the injured need anaesthesia for urgent treatment of painful fractures and crushing injuries.  SAWW wasted no time in contacting doctors in Nepal to ascertain what help was needed.


Prof Shankar Man Rai, Director of Kirtipur Hospital, was delighted to hear from us. His hospital  was acting as a trauma centre in Kathmandu and dealing with many surgical emergencies.  He told us that surgical teams from South Africa, India and USA had arrived to help the Nepalese staff who were providing care to many patients injured by the earthquake. Many surgical treatmens were being undertaken every day, and many more patients were expected to arrive from remote outlying areas soon.


SAWW responded immediately and sent a special anaesthesia machine to the hospital that is ideal for such situations, as it functions safely without any electricity or oxygen, and needs no backup facilities. We were ably assisted by the Nepalese charity, PHECT Nepal (, who were on the ground to receive and handle the equipment when it arrived.


Read an interesting online article about work at the Kirtipur Hospital here: How Doctors in Nepal are Getting Creative to Cope with the Onslaught of Earthquake Victims.