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Safe anaesthesia for Mongolia

One  million Mongolians live too far away from a hospital to access emergency surgery. We aim to provide remote hospitals in rural Mongolia with equipment to enable safe anaesthesia and surgery, transforming health care for isolated communities.


Mongolia is the most sparsely populated country in the world. Almost half of the population of Mongolia reside in rural areas and live a nomadic lifestyle. Deserts and mountains coupled with the extremes of weather are significant obstacles to road building and impede transport of patients in need.


Every year, many thousands die or suffer long-term disability from complications of childbirth, serious burns or injuries from road accidents because of the lack of anaesthesia equipment in local clinics in the remote countryside.


We can equip operating theatres in strategically located provincial clinics with basic anaesthesia equipment that can function reliably, even in the absence of electricity and medical gases. Mongolian anaesthetist, Dr Ganbold Lundeg, will distribute the new equipment and train local doctors in its use, so that surgeries can be undertaken in rural hospitals. This will enable essential and emergency surgical procedures in remote areas and save lives. You can help by making a donation today. Thank you

Who will benefit?













                                                                             Photo: / Woodrow Wilson


The beneficiaries of this project will be the thousands of people living in isolated rural areas of Mongolia who need surgical treatment. In particular, those in needed of emergency treatments, such lifesaving caesarean sections for mothers with complications in labour and their babies. Also surgical treatment of injuries and traumas resulting from accidents; serious burns; hernia repair; tumour removal and more.













                                                                              Photo: / Woodrow Wilson

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People think that surgery is something very special that cannot be delivered in  a rural area. But with the donation of this appropriate equipment, we can train people appropriately, and then doctors and nurses can deliver safe surgery in a very small hospital - anywhere in Mongolia.


Dr Ganbold Lundeg

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Anaesthesia, Health Sciences University of Mongolia and member of the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery