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Fundraise for Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide and help make a difference to the lives of thousands of people


Choosing to fundraise can mean doing an enjoyable and fun event, or it might mean deciding to take on a sponsored personal challenge that you've always wanted to achieve!


The first step is choosing what you are going to do. There are lots of options, from the big and ambitious that involves organising others, to simpler and equally valuable undertakings that help to promote Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide.


If you're undecided, then below are some fundraising ideas you can consider. There's also a step-by-step guide about organising, and making it happen. Whatever the size of your event, there are details about how you can set up your own webpage to promote your event.


Sponsorship ideas, you can...

Be sporty. Run, walk, cycle, climb or skydive.

Be daring! Shave off your hair or dress up as your favourite musical star for the day at school or work. Or how about a bad day?

Be active. Go on a get-fit diet, or arrange a Dance-athon or Zumba-thon.

Be quiet with a sponsored silence for the day, Shhhh!

For more about sponsorship see our Sponsored Events page here


Event ideas, you can…

Be party-minded. Hold a dinner party or office party and charge entry fee.

Be outrageous. Organise a fancy dress day at school, or a dress-down day at work. Or how about a fashion show?

Be playful. Organise a quiz night, karaoke or talent competition and charge an entrance fee.

Be friendly and invite friends and family to a coffee morning, afternoon tea or a film night. Charge them for the privilage.

Be a salesperson. Hold a bake sale or sell online at Ebay to benefit Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide.

Be arty. Can you make and sell arts or crafts and donate the proceeds?

Be competitive. Arrange an It's a Knock Out competition, an egg and spoon,  jelly race or Hula Hoop contest.


Start Fundraising for Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide


Contact us at: Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide

White Lyon House, Marden, Kent, TN12 9DR, UK.

Registered Charity Number 1148254

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The funds you raise will be used to supply vital medical equipment and training to people in need and save lives.  


How much will you raise?

  • £200 will provide a Lifebox pulse oximeter, to ensure the safety of anaesthetisted patients.


  • £1200 provides a concentrator to generate a reliable supply of oxygen inexpensively from the air.


  • £3100 will provide a portable anaesthetic machine that does not require electricty and will work in the low-resource setting of a developing world hospital.


  • Raise £15,000 and you could supply a hospital with a complete anaesthesia system for use in operating theatre and intensive care settings - transforming the lives of many people.


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