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Hospitals in developing countries are often poorly equipped and lack basic facilities such as a reliable power supply.


Most medical technology is designed for use in resource-rich hospitals of the developed world, and cannot survive the difficult and demanding conditions found in poor countries. It quickly breaks down or proves too expensive to fix or maintain, and patients’ lives are lost.


It is not unusual to find ‘equipment graveyards’ in African hospitals, rooms where piles of unsuitable donated medical equipment lies abandoned. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that up to 70% of medical equipment sent to developing countries is unsuitable and fails to work. (WHO/ARA/97.3 Guidelines for Health Care Equipment Donations, March 2000).


What is needed is appropriate medical technology that will work in the conditions found in developing countries. Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide will only provide appropriate anaesthetic equipment that is safe, effective and inexpensive to use in any situation.

Appropriate equipment


• Trying to operate and the power goes down.


• Trying to operate and the oxygen runs out.


• Trying to operate without anaesthesia.

Just imagine...

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