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Our mission is to provide life-saving anaesthesia to those in need in poor areas of the world. We do this by funding the provision of:


  • ANAESTHETIC EQUIPMENT that is suitable for use in developing countries to hospitals in need.


  • TRAINING for medical and technical staff in poor countries to safely deliver anaesthesia and keep the anaesthetic equipment in good working order.


  • RESEARCH into ways of improving the safe delivery of anaesthesia in poor countries.

Our Mission

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Contact us at: Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide

White Lyon House, Marden, Kent, TN12 9DR, UK.

Registered Charity Number 1148254

Telephone +44 (0) 7527506969

Nurses delivering anaesthesia in Liberia

Most low-income countries have a severe shortage of trained anaesthetists and adeqately equipped medical facilities

To accomplish our mission, we will need your help. Please look further through our site and see how you might be able to help us. Thank you.

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